eco-luxe active wear


In devotion to your active lifestyle we bring you pieces to wear and love forever. Blurring the lines between fitness and casual since 2011.


Colours, prints and design that stand out is at the core of the brand and I
I am Jonna Beldt, designer and creator of Soul of Jiva. When I make the designs I spend a lot of time pondering how activewear can become more feminie and enhance the beauty of every unique, female body.

My way of doing things differ from other activewear companies. The prints are unique like you will not find anywhere else and the fit is flattering for all the various shapes of a woman's body. 
Perhaps the greatest difference is in the way I choose the fabrics. Perhaps it is the Swedish mentality that enjoys durable materials due to our sometimes story weathers. You see - the fabric you will be wearing has been picked with both durability and comfyness towards your skin, in mind.

I truly hope you will enjoy your Soul of Jiva pieces for many years to come. I for sure have and many other women in our global community.


Have you heard about athleisure? This category of clothing is a hybrid of comfortable, fashionable and functional clothing for any occasion.

If there was a clothing category for the multiverse of Soul of Jiva, this would be it. Our pieces are designed to suit you in your workout and in your daily life. Wear your Soul of Jiva pieces to the gym, store, afterwork.

As I mentioned earlier, durability is at the core of our designs. This is a direct opposition of the otherwise common ”wear and tear” 
culture of the fashion industry.
Ecology is the relationship and connections between all living organisms on this planet and one way we can all contribute is to only buy a few, durable pieces of clothing and choose to love them for a long time. So I welcome you, pick your favorite pieces in our webshop and dance, yoga, enjoy your way through life in your true woman nature… Free, unique and beautiful!